As beautiful and lovely as they seem, clearly outlining your property, word fences rot with time. That beautiful wood fence needs proper care to ensures it lasts long. It should give you as much service as possible. Installing a wooden fence comes with its downside and that is semi regular cleaning. Below are ways to help you in proper maintaining your wood fence.

1. Basic Repair of DamagesPanels may sustain damage from time to time. This damages include splitting or rooting. Try to fix this small mishaps as soon as they happen. Repairing one or two panels is easier than waiting to redo the whole wooden fence.
2. Sealing and stainingElements over time damage your wooden fence. If you don't paint your fence, you should seal it from this elements. Staining wood panels also helps give your fence a natural beautiful look that compliments your house. Immediately your fence starts soaking water, it is time to reseal it.
3. Prevent Termites Natural termites are a real threat to wood. If unchecked they will literally eat the whole fence. Softwoods, which are commonly used in fences, are most prone to termite attacks. Termite prevention is quite easy and very worth it. You could hire a professional or simply do it yourself using an insecticide Borax. It is a natural insecticide that is very efficient and safe around you. 
4. Remove Vines and PlantsVegetable, plants or vines growing around your fence may lead to damages. They will crack and warp your fence slowly with time. Make sure you remove all the unwanted plants and vines around your fence.
5. Adjust Your SprinklersConstant water splashing on your fence will lead to rotting. Adjust your sprinklers to make sure they do not reach your wooden fence. 
6. Clean Your FenceWash your fence from time to time and remove all the accumulated dirt. This does not only help with presentability, but also helps your wooden fence last way longer.